dadkilled1Dear loyal readers,

We here at Wordy Ninja, Inc. take pride in the connection we’ve formed with our readers. Recently, we’ve received several electronic mails, both praising and denigrating our operation, and would now like to take the time to respond to some.

Dear Wordy Ninja, My family and I savor your wit and hilarity in each and every post, but even when you post several times in one busy work week (You’re so awesome. How do you find the time?), we are left craving more. My littlest one, Amy, tugs at my pant leg, tears in her eyes as she looks up at me and says “Can I have more Wordy Ninja, Mama?” Is there anyway to we can get some of your martial artistry of the written word in short bites to tide us over between posts?


Susan, you’ll be glad to hear that our crack team of Interwebs scientists have successfully created our very own Twitter account. Wait…what in the hell is a “Twitter” and why do I feel like I pay a hooker to do it to me? What? That’s it? Um…Okay. Anyway, click here to follow the Wordy Ninja and get such memorable tweets as:

  • As a man, I eat yogurt because I like devouring a living thing. It’s very manly…and yoplait is delicious”
  • “Which wire do I cut to diffuse the bomb, the red one or the blue one?”
  • I’ve spent time in one or two fridges over the years. It ain’t that great.”
  • And many more.

Hi Wordy Ninja,
We sell the supplement that will make your magic wand work all night very intensively!

Omyxeje, I’ll take two, actually better make that three.

yo wordy ninja,i hate you. you suck. bring home milk!!!


NO! You suck!! Skim or 1%?

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