We here at Word Ninja, Inc. appreciate one thing more than any other: pure awesomeness.  “What exactly is awesomeness?” you ask.  Well, it’s when something is so great, its greatness can no longer be described by the word “great” and thus moves on to the next level.  More than anything, awesomeness comes from the men and women who refuse to settle for the mediocrity of life.  These are the people that we feel deserve to be recognized, like the man who first saw a jet engine and said “It’s nice, but what if we made it for individual use as some sort of pack to be strapped on people’s backs?  A ‘jet pack,’ if you will.” Or the first person to wear a tuxedo t-shirt to a black tie event.

Over fifty-years ago, John Fitzgerald Kennedy wrote a collected series profiling people that he felt exemplified the concept of courage.  It is in that tradition that we would like to honor those unsung heroes of awesome.  We proudly present the first in a series of awards designed to give recognition where recognition is due:  The Wordy Ninja’s Profiles in Awesomeness©.

Some men have no problem resting on their laurels.  They’ll look back and say “I’ve accomplished so much, I think I’ll take it easy and live a quiet life.”  Our first recipient is not like some men.  Jesse Ventura first gained prominence as a former Navy SEAL turned professional wrestler.  He then went on to have costarring role in one of the most moving films about a killer alien, Predator.  After a successful run in several other Hollywood movies, most people would think they’d have reached the pinnacle of their life.  But not Mr. Ventura.  What did he do next? He ran for Governor of his home state of Minnesota as an Independent and won.  But that’s not that the end of Mr. Ventura’s accomplishments. On Monday, he appeared on the View and was drawn into a lively debate by Elisabeth Hasselbeck about whether waterboarding is torture or not (she says “nah, it saves lives”).  And in a calm, informed, and stately manner—he laid the smack down on her.  Check out the video below:

Jess Ventura: Navy SEAL, thespian, Governor, and now Speaker of Truths.  You sir, are awesome.  To learn more about Jesse Venture, please consult your local Wikipedia.