As you can tell by this post’s title, I’m not really going to be all that wordy today.  I cut my thumb on a knife while I was washing the dishes recently, more specifically the side of my right thumb that I use to hit the space bar when typing.  So writing anything hurts like a bitch.  I know, poor me.

I’ve decided instead to share some random photos that have been kicking around my on iPhone for God knows how long.  When camera phones were first introduced (oh so long ago),  I thought it was a pretty stupid idea (Really, a camera on a phone?).  But as it’s become a more standard feature on most phones, I’ve learned to appreciate having a decently powerful digital camera constantly in my pocket.


Graffiti is pretty prevalent in New York, so anytime someone bothers to take a picture of  it, it’s a unique piece.  The color scheme clashes beautifully with the color of the fence, while the lettering is a bit of a throwback to the heyday of tagging in the city during the 80’s and 90’s.    It’s now painted over and I feel like this picture is the only proof that something so cool was ever there.

SpongeBobThis past Thanksgiving, my parents came to visit and insisted on seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  For three hours I stood in the cold.  But I got this great shot that looks like SpongeBob Sqaure Pants is attacking the city.  Yeah, it was worth it.

General Lee

Yes, this is a car painted to look like the General Lee from “the Dukes of Hazard.”  I’ve seen this specific car twice in New York City…in two different Burroughs…on two different nights…months apart.  “But Mr. Ninja,” you may say, “what if they’re two different cars?”  “No,” I would respond.  “The laws of physics prevent that amount of amazingness within such close proximity of each other.

Speaking of cars…


I found this one evening a block from my house.  It took whoever is in charge of such things almost a week to clean it up.   Every time I passed by the wreckage on my way from work, hating life, the thought “things could be worse” would pop in my head.

And since we started with some graffiti, let’s finish with some to make you think.

Deep Graffiti