bmRecently, I decided to add a recurring feature, Profiles in Awesomeness.  To the person who asks “What exactly is awesomeness?”  I say this: “Awesomeness is a level of greatness that can no longer be described by the word ‘great.’  More than anything, awesomeness comes from the men and women who refuse to settle for the mediocrity of life.  The man who looked at two blocks of wood and a length of chain and came up with nun chucks.  Or the first person to say ‘nah, that sucks,’ to disco music.  These people are awesome and deserve to be recognized.”

In this latest installment we honor William James Murray, better know to us all as Bill Murray.  Throughout his career in comedy, Mr. Murray has touched awesomeness many times.  From his groundbreaking work on Saturday Night Live to CaddyShack, Stripes, the GhostBusters movies, Groundhog Day, and Rushmore; he has been a consistent provider of manic insanity delivering lines that still makes us all laugh when drunken shouted at the bar. He’s also made us cry with his dramatic abilities in such films as Lost in Translation and Broken Flowers. His personal life has continued in those tradition of greatness, from getting caught drunk driving a golf cart (then owning up and admitting to it) to playing random peek-a-boo with strangers on the street.

But it is a recent development has cinched Mr. Murray’s status of awesomeness.  No, it’s not because he’s doing Ghostbusters III (which is totally on).  It’s because in a current interview, film director McG, an annoyance to all who love plot, character development, and films that don’t just have bright colors and loud noises,  claimed that on the set of Charlie’s Angels Bill Murray headbutted him.

Mr. Murray, we salute your awesomeness.

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