WWIn this reoccurring series, Profiles in Awesomeness, I honor the people who make our world a brighter place and have ascended to a level of greatness that can no longer be described by the word “great.”  These are men and women who refuse to settle for the mediocrity of life, like the man who looked at two blocks of wood and a length of chain and came up with nun chucks.  Or the first person to wear a tuxedo t-shirt to a black tie event.  These people are awesome and deserve to be recognized.

In a change of pace, I’d like to present not only a more personal profile in awesomeness, but also our first woman recipient. Yesterday, while on my way to work, I lost my money clip.  I had just gotten off the B61 bus and had entered the Bedford Avenue subway station when I noticed it was gone. I raced back out of the station to the corner of Bedford and 7th avenue.  The bus had left and I was literally panicking.  I frantically dug through my bag, hoping that I’d uncharacteristically slipped it in there without remembering. My bank cards, metro card, health insurance card, driver’s license, and cash were all gone.  How can you survive in this world without them?  I’d have to walk the two miles back to my apartment for the jar of loose change I keep on my desk, use it to pay for the subway, and go to my bank for a counter withdraw.  I’d have to cancel all the cards and wait for replacements. And worst of all, the money clip, a graduation gift from a beloved teacher was gone for good.  And just when I was about it loose it, she came up to me.

“Excuse me,” she said, “did you drop something?”  She was tall and wearing horned rim sunglasses, I was freaking out.  “Yes,” I said with a slur of financial terror—no doubt some lucky and amoral hipster was spending my freshly deposited paycheck on a pair of Chuck Taylor’s and shitty independent rock music.  With suspicious hope that she had it, I explained in a jumble of words that seemed something like a sentence: “My money clip….wallet…everything…I lost it somewhere.”

“Is this it?” She asked holding my money clip.  I could just make out my engraved initials through tears of joy.  “Yes,” I yelled and hugged her.  I offered a monetary reward, but she politely refused.  It wasn’t until I got into the office that I realized I  should award her a profile in awesomeness, but I didn’t think to take her picture with my phone or even catch her name (hence the Wonder Woman pic).  Miss, if you are reading this, please send me a picture and your true identity so it can be known throughout the world that you are truly an awesome person.  Thanks.

[Pic via fictionmachine.com]