moutainlionIn this reoccurring series, Profiles in Awesomeness, I honor the people who have ascended to a level of greatness that can no longer be described by the word “great.”  These are men and women who refuse to settle for the mediocrity of life, like the man who looked at two blocks of wood and a length of chain and came up with nun chucks.  Or the first person to wear a tuxedo t-shirt to a black tie event.  These people are awesome and deserve to be recognized.

Today’s profile, Dustin Britton, is 32-year-old mechanic and ex-marine.  Mr. Britton, an apparent outdoorsman, took his wife and two toddlers camping last weekend in Shoshone National Forest in northwestern Wyoming.  On Sunday evening, while cutting up some firewood with a chainsaw he was, according to the Associated Press, attacked by a mountain lion.  Now a less awesome person would have simply run away, but this isn’t Profiles in Lameness.

So what did Britton do to defend himself and his family from this vicious wild animal?   He fought it off with the chainsaw!  In my mind, the exchange went something like this: the mountain lion growled and sneered—making clear its intention to strike—Britton responded by revving the chainsaw and screaming, “Let’s do this!”  And then they rushed toward one another, poised for battle.

After being wounded, the animal ran off and was later killed by park authorities. I’m marking that as win for mankind.  Now, it’s quite possible that I’m predisposed to appreciate Britton’s interspecies throw down because I spent a fair amount of my childhood doodling an imaginary brawl between a man wielding a chainsaw and a jaguar (which a mountain lion is close enough to)—but let’s admit that it’s still pretty freaking cool.  I really hope my drawing of two guys on jetpacks having a swordfight comes true next.

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