Regular readers may be aware of my bouts of laziness that have inhibited me from sharing my seemingly infinite vocabulary from the Internet. During such periods of “un-wordiness,” I take the opportunity to unload cool pics that I took with my iPhone and are just sitting there…un-admired.  See here and here, for evidence.

Anyway, I feel like shit. I think I’ve got stomach bug or something. And I’m filling in for a couple people in the office who are skipping work today via bullshit excuses (“It’s my honeymoon.” Pshaw!!). That being said, I give you Photolog: the third edition.kidI was at a wedding recently. Some of the bride and groom’s family members brought their kids. This was one of them at the end of the reception. It was open bar, so he was a proper representation of how I felt at the time.

orangeI was passing through Bangor International Airport in Maine last month and snapped this. I think it speaks for the whole color coded terror warning system.

grammarYes, this is a public bathroom stall. Yes, someone corrected the grammar of something a previous “tenant” had written. No, it wasn’t me.

tagThis is one of the few tags I’ve seen in New York that I really like. Though the lettering and style are plain and nothing to get excited about it, the name itself is great. And when you think about it, the execution is in the same vein of what the words mean. Sign and signifier are united in approach…it blows my mind.

transformerI saw this while walking around with my girlfriend, Kate, the other day. At first, it annoyed me. “Really?” I shouted. “This guy’s got to put this on his car. What a freaking nerd!” And then it hit me. “Are you a real Autobot?” I whispered to the car. “It’s okay. You can trust me. I’m not a douche like Shia LaBeouf.”   Kate was thoroughly embarrassed.