Target Women
I don’t think you have to be a feminist, or even a woman, to enjoy watching Sarah Haskins take the advertising (and media) industry to task for how it markets to women on her reoccurring segment on Current’s InfoMania.  Not only is she hysterical, but she’s right.  Check out this classic episode about yogurt.

Frontline on PBS

They say that journalism is dead.  They say that the days of well put together broadcast news magazines are gone.  They say it’s all celebrity profiles and mindless sensationalism (a la “To Catch a Predator”).  I say, “What are you watching?”  For over 25-years Frontline on PBS has been broadcasting in-depth original hour-long documentaries covering today’s current events.  I never really watched the show when I owned a TV, but got hooked on it via PBS’s Web site where you can watch full episodes.  Check out the latest one, which breaks down the entirety of the Bernie Madoff scandal.

Kurt Vonnegut
I’ve always wanted to be able to brag that I’d read all the novels of Kurt Vonnegut.  He’s one of the few writers that can make you laugh and break your heart in single chapter and with as few words as possible.  So I set out on the goal of reading all the Vonnegut novels I’ve never read by the end of the summer.  You can track my progress here.


One Response to “What I’m into (for the moment)”

  1. Lynne Watanabe Says:

    ack~! am I that predictable…I happen to be wearing my son’s grey sweatshirt hoodie while watching that stupid ‘what women want’ video.I wondered about that Activa yogurt too~clearly a marketing dream w/ Jamie Lee Curtis.

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