Wordy: adj. Verbose, highly vocal about one’s opinions and thoughts, thinks and talks too much.

n.  A practitioner of the martial art of Ninjutsu, which utilizes traditional fighting techniques along with methods of trickery including sabotage, espionage, and assassination.  A badass.

I am a twenty-five-year-old twenty-six-year-old man, who lives and works in New York City.  Both my parents were in the Army, so my formative years were a pretty nomadic existence.  I was born in Tennessee and have lived in Germany, upstate New York, Kansas, Maryland, and northern Virginia. Even living in the city I’ve lived in a variety of locations and boroughs including: the Bronx, Roosevelt Island, the Upper East Side, and Brooklyn.

I have a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, which means that I’m well educated in the art of asking, “would you like fries with that?”  Currently, I’m a staff reporter for a subscriber-based online trade publication that covers the advertising industry, which means that unless you work in a specific sector of the industry you’ll never read my stuff.

I guess I really started this blog to push myself to write not just more, but also about subjects that I usually don’t. I’m doing this for myself and to try and have fun

Questions or Complaints? Send them to Wordy.Ninja@Gmail.com.


One Response to “Who Dat Ninja?”

  1. Lynne Watanabe Says:

    Dear Shinobi Sensei: Your tweets crack me up~ I enjoy reading your blog too, you’re a talented humorist, but you know that already, don’t you(?). Keep it up and keep up the tweets, they make me laugh out loud. ;-D

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